Our long lasting, EPA-approved, mosquito control product is a derivative of a substance found in chrysanthemum flowers, which naturally eliminates mosquitoes. It is safe enough to use in commercial kitchens, and many of the ingredients are commonly found in children’s lice shampoo. Our environmentally friendly, EPA-approved product forms a “barrier” that eliminates existing mosquitoes and other biting insects, and deters others from entering! Once applied, Dads Against Mosquitoes lasts for weeks! It is a SAFE, EASY and AFFORDABLE solution to a big problem.

Once applied, our safe, long-lasting product will last for weeks! We proudly serve hundreds of residential customers, as well as park districts, restaurants and other commercial applications. We anxiously await your call! Our environmentally friendly, EPA approved product forms a “Barrier” that eliminates existing mosquitoes and deters others from entering! We also offer an all natural, “bee friendly” bee deterrent to keep these uninvited guests away! Our friendly staff of professionals will be happy to answer any questions you may have! Reclaim your outdoor area again, and begin enjoying the summer… MOSQUITO FREE!

Dads Against Mosquitoes serves Chicago’s western and northern suburbs.  Here are the Cities We Serve: